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Foundation 2

Honeysuckle Farm - July 2018

posted 3 Jul 2018, 01:09 by Google Google   [ updated 3 Jul 2018, 01:09 ]

The children had a fantastic time at the farm! We saw many animals, fed the fish and the goats, had a ride around the farm on a cart pulled by Tinkerbell, played on the hay bales and we watched the cows being milked! We had our packed lunches outside in the sunshine and then we all had an ice cream, made with the milk from the cows on the farm - it was delicious! Such a fabulous day enjoyed by all. Thank you to our volunteer parents who were looked after by their team of children! Behaviour was outstanding throughout - well done everyone!

Sports Day

posted 2 Jul 2018, 01:35 by Google Google   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 01:36 ]

Big Malarkey June 2018

posted 2 Jul 2018, 01:28 by Google Google   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 01:29 ]

As part of the Hull Literacy Festival, e children enjoyed a trip to The Big Malarkey at East Park. The children's behaviour was exemplary, we are very proud of our F2s!

A Royal Garden Party

posted 29 May 2018, 03:07 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Jun 2018, 00:27 ]

To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle we held our own garden party! We made our own cucumber sandwiches, made flags, made a wedding cake and held mock weddings. We hope Harry and Meghan have a day as wonderful as ours!

Easter Egg Hunt

posted 26 Mar 2018, 01:40 by Google Google   [ updated 26 Mar 2018, 01:40 ]

What a wonderful last day of term! The Easter bunny hid lots of eggs in our outdoor area and we were so excited to go hunting for them! He used his magic to turn the eggs into chocolate Easter lollies and they arrived in our classroom while we had our NAPA performance in the hall. We walked in and there they were - it was fantastic! We loved our lollies!

Easter Bonnet Making

posted 20 Mar 2018, 04:47 by Google Google   [ updated 20 Mar 2018, 04:48 ]

Thank you to all the adults who were able to attend our Easter bonnet making morning! What a brilliant turnout! The bonnets look amazing and we are ready for our parade on Thursday. We hope you enjoyed the hot cross buns!


posted 15 Mar 2018, 01:15 by Google Google   [ updated 15 Mar 2018, 01:15 ]

The children are going to be so excited in the morning. Look at what our clever dinosaur has done! I hope we look after the egg. What will be inside?!


posted 2 Mar 2018, 01:45 by Google Google   [ updated 2 Mar 2018, 01:46 ]

Our new focus text is 'Aliens Love Dinopants'! We have read the book and used our creative thinking skills to think of different plot twists. Dinosaur related vertical mark-making was fun and we have even crawled through a jungle to do some writing on our backs underneath the table (don't worry, it was covered in paper first!). 

 We have tried to imagine what dinosaur skin would have felt like and concocted our own textures! We did this by exploring and mixing various media on the creative table. There was a lot of paint, flour, sugar, sand, glitter and PVA to choose from. Such fun! To put the texture on our dinosaurs we had various tools to choose from such as spatulas, plastic knives, forks and spoons as well as different sized brushes. When it had dried, we used adjectives to describe how our dinosaur skin felt!


posted 31 Jan 2018, 00:02 by Google Google   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 00:03 ]

Our new focus text is 'Aliens in Underpants Save the World' and we are really enjoying it! We have designed and made our own giant pants display, used junk to make model spaceships and aliens and we are loving role playing in our space rocket! We even need to wear space helmets to do our writing. Take a look at the photographs to see how much fun we are having!

End of Year Party!

posted 11 Jan 2018, 01:10 by Google Google   [ updated 11 Jan 2018, 01:11 ]

The children had an amazing time at our end of year party! We played Pass the Parcel, Musical Bumps, Musical Statues and enjoyed lots of dancing! Oh, and of course we loved eating all the delicious food which our lovely parents/carers kindly donated...yummy! We all look wonderful in our party clothes too - such a memorable afternoon.

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