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Foundation 2

It's Phonics Friday!

posted 17 Nov 2017, 05:09 by Google Google   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 05:14 ]

Today is Phonics Friday and it's also Anti-bullying week. We have mixed the two to have great fun talking about feelings and making play dough smileys! Thanks to those parents who stayed for our session.


To Infinity and Beyond

posted 15 Nov 2017, 06:29 by Google Google   [ updated 15 Nov 2017, 06:29 ]

We celebrated the last day of our half term and the last day of our 'To infinity and beyond!' topic by dressing up as our favourite Disney characters! We invited parents and carers into school for Phonics Friday and then we had a busy maths day! Even Disney characters do maths!

Hull Fair

posted 23 Oct 2017, 05:53 by Google Google   [ updated 23 Oct 2017, 05:54 ]

We had a brilliant turn-out for our Hull Fair afternoon. Thank you all so much for your support - the children had a lovely time and we hope you did too!

Phonics Friday!

posted 9 Oct 2017, 01:34 by Google Google   [ updated 9 Oct 2017, 01:34 ]

Every Friday we invite you all to enjoy our 'Phonics Friday' session with us. We look forward to seeing you! Thank you to all of those parents who have already joined us for phonics fun - spread the word!


posted 9 Oct 2017, 01:28 by Google Google   [ updated 10 Oct 2017, 00:58 ]

We have been learning about France this week. We have used collage skills to make our own French flags, colour mixing skills to see what happens when we mix the colours of the French flag together, we have done our registers in French, iced the French flag onto biscuits and we have even learned to sing Frere Jacques! In literacy, we have written postcards to our grown ups! To top off the week, all of our grown ups were invited to join us for a French breakfast! We tasted brioche, baguettes, crepes, croissants and hot chocolate, all while listening to French bistro music - tasty! Thank you all for your support.

Teddy Bears' Picnic

posted 10 Jul 2017, 03:15 by Google Google   [ updated 10 Jul 2017, 03:15 ]

To celebrate our time together in F2, we enjoyed a teddy bears' picnic at Thwaite Botanic Gardens. We played hide and seek in the forest and went on a nature hunt! Then we played circle games and enjoyed a book together before our teddy bears joined us for the picnic. What an amazing day! Thank you to all of the adults who were able to join us, we appreciate your support.

Baby Caterpillars

posted 10 Jul 2017, 03:08 by Google Google   [ updated 10 Jul 2017, 03:08 ]

At the beginning of this half term, we received some baby caterpillars. We have looked after them and watched them grow. We learned some scientific names such as abdomen, chrysalis and even metamorphosis! We watched as they formed their cocoons and now we have released our beautiful butterflies! So amazing!

Fun in the Sun!

posted 20 Jun 2017, 02:12 by Google Google   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 02:12 ]

The hottest day of the year can only mean one thing! Paddling and splashing! The children were excited to be able to take off their shoes and socks for a paddle. Such fun!


posted 20 Jun 2017, 01:53 by Google Google   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 01:53 ]

Well, it's safe to say that the finished pieces are outstanding! Well done to Mrs. Hutchinson's class on producing some fine copies of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.

We have some wonderful little artists!

posted 22 May 2017, 04:19 by Richard Sparks   [ updated 22 May 2017, 04:21 ]

We have looked carefully at a famous piece of artwork and have made a good start on our replicas! Great colour-mixing and careful brush strokes.


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