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From September 2015, schools and academies across the country will no longer use levels as an assessment measure. The children will instead aim for a good level of development in their particular year group statements, with the ultimate aim of mastery level. For example: Children in year 4 will aim to be at EMBEDDED or MASTERY in the year 4 curriculum by the end of their year. The stages through the year through will be BEGINNING, DEVELOPING and EMBEDDED through to MASTERY. Most children will achieve the EMBEDDED level, some children will achieve below that level and may remain working on the previous year group statements and some children may achieve MASTERY in their year group and go on to reach statements in the year group above. The statements for Reading, Writing and Maths can be found on this website in the Curriculum section. The new curriculum is very challenging and the statements are at a high level than the previous curriculum. They demand a lot from both children and teachers. Across the country school are trailing their systems and we will keep you informed of any changes we need to make in order to make learning for your child as successful as it can be.